Haitian Humanitarian Assistance and Relief Team (HHART)

HHART stands for Haitian Humanitarian Assistance and Relief Team.

HHART missions are supported, organized and led by Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach, Rotary District 7010 (central Canada).

The Team's mission is to improve the lives of poor and disadvantaged people (primarily of Haitian heritage) living near Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic by providing much needed medical, dental and other forms of humanitarian assistance.

HHART 8 and HHART 9 returned from their missions in May 2017. Please visit www.facebook.com/HHART.info to review the activities of these two service teams.

Achievements of these missions include:

  • Conducting 10 days of medical and dental clinic operations
  • Installation of steel roofing on two aging and leaky concrete blockhouses, each housing 18-20 families
  • Opening of a women's centre in Batey Cangrejo to empower women, thereby improving maternal and child health, education and literacy
  • Delivery of an oral fluoridation (cavity prevention) program in bateys Cangrejo, La Union and Chichigua
  • Providing access to quality medical testing and treatment to the poor
  • Providing 10 free milk and egg (protein) feeding programs for poor children and elders
  • Distributing 16 sleeping mattresses to those in need
  • Installing 69 solar lighting systems in the homes of the poor whose electrical supply is unreliable
  • Distributing school supplies and colouring books in bateyes Cangrejo and Chicigua
  • Installing a little free libary in Batey Cangrejo to promote literacy
  • Rehabilitating three damaged homes in Batey Cangrejo
  • Repairing 30+ leaks and modernize taps in Batey Cangrejo's fresh water distribution system
  • Resurfacing the main avenue in Batey Cangrejo to prevent disease and injury
  • Providing job application and interview skills mentoring services
  • Facilitating the donation of a complete, modern endoscopy suite to a local hospital that provides free services to the poor 
  • Providing medical and dental assistance and a dairy goat to residents of Cristo Transforma Men's Shelter
  • Supporting the local economy by maximizing purchases of good and services from local businesses and enterprises

For more information follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/HHART.info.

To inquire about joining or to recommend someone for a HHART mission, contact Rotarian Steve by phone at (705) 444-4012 or by email at steve@HHART.info.

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Watch Our Latest Video

Watch Our Latest Video

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Donate to HHART - Help Rotary Make a Difference

Donate to HHART - Help Rotary Make a Difference

Donate securely through the PayPal link or send an INTERAC e-Transfer from your online bank account to donate@HHART.info.

Have a HHART - Help Us Help Others

Please support HHART service missions and projects with a cash donation. Proceeds go directly towards HHART operations. Feeding programs cost $50 each; mattresses cost $55 each; goats are $125 each; solar lights are $27 each; laying hens (and feed) are $20 each. Donations via PayPal are collected by the Rotary Club of Wasaga Beach on behalf of all HHART missions.

Thank you very much to those who donate for helping improve the lives of those less fortunate. We appreciate your generosity and your support of HHART!

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